Bedstuy Portraits - Anevay and Fitz

Today was a beautiful spring day for taking portraits in the Bedstuy, Brooklyn! Two teens, Anevay and Fitz, accompanied me for a walk to check out some of the newly flowering magnolia trees at the Herbert Von King Park and eat some delicious vegetarian Korean food and caramel tres leches cake at the newly opened Nostrand Cafe (they even have Oslo coffee!). Along the way home we happened upon the legendary BMX biker Desmond Rhodes leaping his bike off a 15-foot ledge (he landed the jump, but his bike might need a proper parkour-style funeral service). We finished off the day on a roof top with a classic view of the Empire State Building.

Check out a few photos from our walk, below, and sign up for your own photo session with me today (and if you're in NYC or Brooklyn, you might even want to consider signing up for a photo walk to mix things up a bit!).

Anevay, Fitz, and the NYC skyline

Caramel tres leche cake and cold pressed Oslo coffee at Nostrand Cafe

Desmond Rhodes

Fitz with a bit of NYC's skyline

Desmond Rhodes' bike

A new friend in Bedstuy

#Brooklyn #80s #magnolia #NostrandCafe #DesmondRhodes #bike #parkour #Bedstuy #Oslocoffee #Korean #cake

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