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Melissa was hired by JDC as a project coordinator to organize an exhibition and charity auction called Repairing the World: Frame by Frame. The event, which was held at the Polish Consulate on May 17th, 2016, raised $40,000, and well over half of the photos were auctioned. Melissa:

  • Project coordinated event from conception to completion

  • Helped create a system to receive photo submissions, and then presented the submissions to JDC's Curatorial/Host Committee

  • Created a website for pre-event bidding purposes, wrote copy for the site, and handled all pre-bidding

  • Assisted in choosing photos and making curatorial decisions

  • Chose (and coordinated with) printer and matter

  • Helped with general event planning

  • Planned auction process

  • Prepared and set up the exhibition (and coordinated with a small assisting team)

  • Performed various ad hoc duties

Below are a few photos from the event, as well as examples of pages from the website.


Repairing the World: Frame by Frame

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