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Below is just a small selection of videos made by Melissa or with a small creative team of students and nonprofits. The next videos she's making are in collaboration with her nonprofit, Advice Project Media (with the generous support of the Guadeloupe Tourism Board, Norwegian Air and a few other sponsors).

ENGLISH VERSION: In 2016, Indigenous Peoples from Indonesia and Centra, South, and North America told the UN during the signing of the Paris Agreement in New York City that they must be included in the decision-making regarding tropical rainforests and indigenous peoples lands. They came together and canoed across the East River to the UN to demand their rights. This video, produced by AMPB, AMAN, and COICA, tells their story.

Camera: Gil Selzer
Production Management/Script: Melissa Banigan (Advice Project Media)
Additional Video: Courtney Webster/Mon Iker (Advice Project Media); Paul Redman (If Not Us Then Who); Indonesia Film Society; Tushevs Aerials

Interviews with:
Candido Mezua, Secretary of International Affairs of the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests (AMPB)
Diana Rios: Leader of the Alto Tamaya-Saweto People of Peru
Mina Setra: Deputy Secretary General of thh Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelagos (AMAN)
Edwin Vasquez Campos: Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin (COICA)

VERSION EN ESPAÑOL: En 2016, los Pueblos Indígenas de Indonesia y Centra, Sur y Norteamérica dijeron a la ONU durante la firma del Acuerdo de París en Nueva York que debían ser incluidos en la toma de decisiones sobre selvas tropicales y tierras de pueblos indígenas. Se reunieron y canoed a través del East River a la ONU para exigir sus derechos. Este video, producido por AMPB, AMAN y COICA, cuenta su historia.

Cámara: Gil Selzer
Dirección de producción/script: Melissa Banigan (Advice Project Media)
Video Adicional: Courtney Webster / Mon Iker (Advice Project Media); Paul Redman (If Not Us Then Who); Sociedad cinematográfica de Indonesia; Tushevs Aerials

Entrevistas con:
Candido Mezua, Secretario de Asuntos Internacionales de la Alianza Mesoamericana de Pueblos y Bosques (AMPB)
Diana Ríos: Líder del Pueblo Alto Tamaya-Saweto del Perú
Mina Setra: Secretaria General Adjunta de la Alianza de los Pueblos Indígenas de los Archipiélagos (AMAN)
Edwin Vasquez Campos: Coordinador de Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca del Río Amazonas (COICA)

Production by: Advice Project Media
Interviews/Reporting by: Shneider Remi Adams and Gaelle Mambo
Production Manager/Story Director: Melissa Banigan
Editing/Story Guidance: Mohamed Elsafty
Camera: Melissa Banigan
Additional Camera (Peru): Courtney Webster
Advice Project Media Education in Cameroon led by: Blessing Nabila Fomuso, Ethel Achoh Tebid  and Melissa Banigan

Special thanks to:
Advice Project Media Citizen Journalists
Gender Danger
Marie-Claire N. Kuja Foundation
Chi Yvonne Leina
Mary Fomuso
All of the change-makers who granted us interviews 
The city of Bamenda, Cameroon

Advice Project Media students and youth leaders Gaelle Mambo Awah, Sofe Cote, and Hannah Miller asked a few women leaders about their ideas and definitions of feminism.

Shot on location in Tambopata, Peru during The 2015 Advice Project Media Leadership and Empowerment Summit.

Film training and editing assistance: Courtney Webster.

In 2015, teens and women attending the Advice Project Leadership and Empowerment Summit in the Peruvian rainforest went with Inotawa Expeditions to Cocococha Lake to learn more about gender and conservation issues.

Camera: Melissa Banigan

Meet some of the 2015 Advice Project Media Summit fellows in Tambopata, Peru!

Camera: Courtney Webster
Editing: Melissa Banigan

Introduction to Advice Project Cameroon Program Manager Blessing Nabila Fomuso. 

Camera: Courtney Webster

Shot on location during the 2015 Advice Project Media Summit in Tambopata, Peru.

In January, 2016, The Advice Project took a group of teen students to Jacques Cousteau's Underwater Reserve in Guadeloupe to gain an appreciation for delicate coral reef ecosystems.

Camera: Melissa Banigan

In December, 2015 Advice Project Media enjoyed a Caribbean Christmas holiday with friends, music, and tradition in Guadeloupe.

Camera: Melissa Banigan

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