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I'm a storyteller and content strategist who gets a buzz helping nonprofits and companies advance social change by putting ideas to paper and words to action. 
I'm the founder of HiveMind Communications, a content strategy firm based in Brooklyn, New York. A versatile writer and idea-smith, I craft copy to suit a wide diversity of audiences. Although I focus on thought leadership, I write everything from white papers to deeply impactful articles to blog posts, and I've also responded to requests for proposals (RFPs) that have helped win nearly 80 million dollars in investments for my clients. In addition to partnering with many exciting clients, I'm also the Founder and CEO of Advice Project Media, a nonprofit that offers media and travel services for youth and women around the world, and a freelance journalist with work in The Washington Post, CNN, NPR, and BBC Travel, among many others.
I'd love to find ways to work with your company or brand. Let's talk!
Examples of my freelance work:
Blog posts about using AI in the institutional banking sector.
Blog posts (finance & AI/ML) and social media content.
Articles about ESG investing for the company's website.
White papers and blog posts for FlexShares about ethical/ESG investing & investor wellness.
Content and meta data to improve SEO visibility for Marriott.
Developed and implemented a Yield Communications Plan, including survey design, management of survey implementation, and data collection, analytics, and comprehensive communications plan for the next academic year. (2012)
Blog posts about real estate and lifestyle.
Writes/edits newsletters and written narratives to accompany videos about global education.
Project coordinator and curatorial lead for 'Repairing the World: Frame by Frame', a JDC photography exhibit and auction at the Polish Consulate in New York City. CLICK LINK BELOW FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE PROJECT. (2016)
Project coordinator, social media manager, and video management coordinator for 'Global Canoe', an action organized by AMPB and other indigenous peoples organizations during the Paris Agreement signing on the East River in New York City. FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO LEARN MORE. (2016)
SEO writing services for some of Galileo Tech's clients in the travel, hospitality, and real estate sectors.
Wrote/SEO-optimized profiles for travel agents.
Responded to Requests for Proposals, copyediting, developmental writing. (2014-2015)
Responded to Requests for Proposals, copyediting, developmental writing. (2011 – 2014)
Wrote new content and developmentally edited previously existing copy for Shun Shing Group's new website. Shun Shing Group is an international company that manufactures and trades commodities such as cement as well as provides freight services throughout the Asia Pacific region. To see the site, please click on the link below.
Facebook and Instagram content management and curation. Post fresh content that reflects Bubble Foundation Limited priorities about food marketing to children, school food, and/or trending nutrition. (2014)
Developed and wrote a series of Next Generation assessments, which are geared to measure K-12 student performance in public schools nation-wide. (2013)
Responded to Requests for Proposals, copyediting, developmental writing. (2011 – 2014)
Final edits (document/references) to 450+ page book called 'A grammar of Kurtöp', the first descriptive grammar of Kurtöp, a threatened language of Bhutan. (Author, Gwendolyn Hyslop)
Press releases and communications for artist Diana Gilon.
Directed the testing program for this K – 12 New York City public charter school, led and developed all parent programs and workshops, wrote monthly newsletters and coordinated communications between the school, parents, and other important stakeholders. (2008 – 2011)
Supported the development of Vidrio Financial (an investment management platform for institutional investors in hedge funds) when it was a fledgling company by writing marketing materials, newsletters, company correspondence, and participating in the RFP-writing process. (2008)
Developmentally edited magazine articles for Ashley Paquin, a health and life coach, writer, and creator of the Feminine Fire Project, which empowers women worldwide to live extraordinary lives. (2014)
Responded to RFPs that led to nearly 80 million dollars in investments for this fund of hedge funds investment firm and handled important client and marketing communications in both the States and Europe. This company closed in 2009. (2005 – 2008)
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Responded to Requests for Proposals, copyediting, developmental writing. (2014-2015)